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CONA By-Laws (Amendments)

Attached is a marked-up draft of the proposed changes to the CONA By-Laws as submitted by the CONA By-Laws Committee and approved by the CONA Executive Committee on July 10th. These amendments will be noticed at the July 16th general membership meeting and voted on at the August 20th meeting. Hard copies of the draft with consolidated changes will be distributed at the July 16th membership meeting.

The significant changes include:

1) Clarification of the membership terminology - eliminating the confusing "Board of Directors" term and replacing it with "CONA Membership".

2) Modifying our mission to include education and providing for sharing of information and tools for neighborhood development

3) Clarifying the dues structure - including when dues are considering delinquent and providing for a membership renewal process.

4) Removing the Court Watch Committee from the list of Standing Committees (the responsibilities will become part of the Public Safety Committee).

5) Adding the Codes Committee to the list of Standing Committees.

6) Clarifying the ballot form and the process for annual elections.

7) Providing for electronic meetings, discussion, and voting on matters before the Executive Committee. This does not replace nor apply to regular CONA meetings.

8) Providing for electronic notification in lieu of hard-copy notification to the membership.

Respectfully submitted,
CONA By-Laws Committee
Travis Jarman
Marlene Murray
David Roman
.pdf CONA By-Laws 2014 Update Rev 9 Markup.pdf Size: 146.94 KB  Downloads: 100

Since this is an important undertaking, I wrote some revisions into the document that would provide more checks and balances, clarity, transparency, and objectivity.

Attached Files
.doc CONA_By-Laws_2014_Update_Rev_8_-_WBH_Revised.doc Size: 150.5 KB  Downloads: 106

On August 20, 2014 by majority vote with a quorum present the CONA membership adopted the amended By-Laws as submitted. A record copy of the adopted By-Laws is attached.

Attached Files
.pdf CONA By-Laws Adopted 2014-08-20.pdf Size: 93.95 KB  Downloads: 82

Attached is a marked-up copy of the CONA By-Laws, as proposed on October 17th, 2016 and adopted by the CONA membership on November 16th, 2016.

The changes are:

1) Removal of the CONA Leadership Committee from the list of Standing Committees.
2) Provides for appointment of vacant Executive Committee positions by the President, with the approval of the Executive Committee and the CONA membership.
3) Deletion of the restriction on fund-raising (Leadership Program) in Article 14.
.pdf CONA By-Laws Proposed 2016-10-07.pdf Size: 168.86 KB  Downloads: 43

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