Mike Dove: I Dream for CONA
This statement was provided to the attendees of the 2014 CONA Goals Setting Retreat by Mike Dove, Director, Neighborhood Affairs.


I dream of things

A time when CONA has representatives from every neighborhood.

A time when we work together to resolve tough problems as equal partners with respect and trust, we can agree to disagree and part friendly.

A time when CONA focuses on citywide, countywide, and region wide issues with the authority of having listened to all sides in a thorough debate and reached a consensus after careful study.

A time when the bragging portion of the CONA meeting is so long the business part gets cut back.

A time when the newspaper sends a reporter to the meetings because the bragging session is so long and so cool that they are afraid they will miss something.

A time when all the new presidents of associations come to the CONA meetings because they have heard how good the leadership program is and that the new mentoring program provides them with the best access to information and resources.

I dream of a time when every neighborhood has "help your neighbor day" where volunteers take care of someone in need.

A time when CONA has to help create a calendar of neighborhood events because there are so many competing every weekend.

A time when the map of neighborhoods completely covers the City because CONA and the City have helped form so many new associations.

A time when CONA is fully funded by businesses and membership fees because of the good work it does.

A time when the Mayor, or Council, or I can address all the presidents of the associations at one time by coming to a meeting of CONA.

A time when neighborhoods from around the country come to visit the City and CONA to talk about how we have been able to create such a productive partnership.

A time when there are so many new young neighborhood presidents I feel like I am in a college classroom.

I dream of these things because they make both of us, and consequently the City, as a whole stronger.

And finally, I dream of these things happening before I retire again.

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