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Appropriate Use Policy
Effective May 13, 2009.

The following are not permitted to post on the Forums:

Government employees having a policy-making position; elected officials or candidates for public office; persons who have been removed or banned from the Forums for not complying with the guidelines.

Please observe the following protocol when using the CONA Forums:
- Do not change the subject line or add a non-related topic when responding to a message.
- Do not include multiple subjects in a single thread.
- Do not use the message to advertise a business or like entity.
- Do not state any endorsement of a candidate for elected office.
- Do not make personal targeted attacks on any individual, or disparaging comments based on personal opinions. Please keep your posts civil and respectful.
- Please do use the Forums to obtain information, advice, and to express your respectful opinion about important neighborhood related issues and activities.